Don King Consulting and Expert Witness Services Retainer agreement:


1. Travel Expenses – $200 hr plus expenses

Any and all travel and or transit between, to or from any work site and or site of investigation relevant to the file necessary to develop the opinion on the case for the purpose of discovery or testimony.

Travel expenses portal to portal to include airfare, business class or first unless unavailable.

All ground transportation, rental car, taxis, boat, bus etc.

Lodging including hotels, motels and meals*.

*Travel expenses and costs payment may be required in advance for any trip.


2. Consultation:

Inspections $270/hour plus expenses

HD Video Inspection of subject equipment. Review of evidence, verbal consulting, field or lab testing, construction, equipment analysis, simulation, library or web research, report generation, verbal, written, graphic, electronic, computer, video research, or communication on behalf of the client, exception for sworn testimony and field assistants.


3. Secretarial/Inspection Assistance:

$150.00/ hour plus expenses

Preparation of file materials and retrieval of emails, maintenance on time logs, library or web research,  report generation, verbal, written, graphic, electronic, computer or communication on behalf of the expert. exception for sworn testimony. Account billing, monitoring, field assistance when necessary.


4. Deposition – $370*hr plus expenses

Expert witness for sworn testimony under oath. File disclosure

*non client rate or opposing party if applicable


5. Trial Testimony – $470*hr plus expenses

Includes expert witness sworn testimony at any trials, arbitrations, mediations, hearings. Exception for  field assistants.

*non client rate or opposing party if applicable


6. Retainer:  $1000 in advance

All time on preliminary investigation. Additional time and materials in excess of the above retainer billed at the above hourly rates.

This retainer fee is non-refundable in all events.


7. Additional Expenses: When the retainer has been used in full, Don King or Atlas Door Repair.com will bill you for any additional time, materials and expenses associated or incurred on the file or production thereof. Payment of such billing will be due on receipt.


Payment Terms and Conditions:

Don King and or Atlas Door Repair.com  reserves the right to request payment in advance for time, materials and projected expenses for any deposition, hearing or trial, or for any work or consultation performed outside the Chicago metropolitan area. Also, if Don King or Atlas Door Repair. is not paid in full within 10 days of any billing date, a monthly service charge of $25.00 will be added to the account along with interest applied to the balance at a rate of 18% apr. until paid in full.  Don King or Atlas Door Repair.com reserves the right to refuse to perform additional work on any file until:

(i) the previous billing is paid in full, and

(ii) advance payment in full is made for any additional work requested.

Payments to:  Expert Witness Automatic Door  for services requested by opposing parties, including, but not limited to, deposition testimony, responses to interrogatories, requests for production of documents, and providing copies of case files and materials, are the direct responsibility of the undersigned and must be made in accordance with the terms and conditions specified under Billing above. Responsibility for reimbursement by opposing parties for any such payments rests likewise with the undersigned unless previously arranged in writing.

This agreement is and shall be deemed to be a contract entered into and made pursuant to the laws of the State of Illinois and shall in all respects be governed, construed, applied and enforced in accordance with the laws of said State, without reference to its conflict of laws principles.  Any lawsuit or litigation commenced relative to this Contract or any dealings between the Parties shall be brought in Will County, Illinois.  Both Parties consent to the jurisdiction and venue described herein.


I have read and understand the above terms and conditions and, by executing the following, I agree on behalf of myself, my law firm, and my client to be bound by them. I understand, assent and likewise agree that upon acceptance of this Retainer Agreement the subject case may be listed in the compilation of cases handled by Don King made publicly available on the internet at www.expertwitnessautomaticdoor.com.

It is understood that this agreement shall act as a lien on your behalf on any settlement or judgment received in this case.




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